Dr. Erikson

Healthy skin … naturally



Herbal teaChinese medicine believes that the majority of skin diseases stem from internal imbalances, This means that our skin needs to heal from the inside out. For thousands of years Doctors of Chinese medicine have thus relied on herbal teas, tailor fit for the individual, as the primary method for healing the skin. Modern research confirms that this ancient practice is both safe and effective, offering good long term remission after the treatment is stopped.

Dr. Erikson stocks roughly 300 high quality herbal medicines in his own clinic, the majority of which are either certified organic or have been lab tested to be free of pesticide residues and other contaminants. He refuses to use any endangered or prohibited species.

Satchel containing herbal medicine



Every patient receives a custom mix of between 8 to 16 herbal medicines, which are then cooked up into a strong tea using the same stainless-steel pressure cooking technology found in hospitals throughout the world. The strained tea is then packed in vacuum sealed BPA-free satchels, which are easy to use, storing the tea fresh for many weeks duration. All the patient needs to do is open and drink, usually 2 times per day.



Herbal cream


Chinese medicine also has a long history of applying herbal medicines directly on the skin, though the use of washes, creams ointments and tinctures. Dr. Erikson hand makes all of his own external medicines, using traditional recipes as the foundation. All the ingredients are plant and/or mineral based and do not contain any steroids, parabens or petroleum products.

All patients with a skin disorder are photographed, both for diagnostic purposes and to monitor progress.

Treatment times vary according to the nature and severity of the disorder being treated. The range is anywhere from 2 weeks for athletes foot to well over a year for complicated cases of stubborn psoriasis and/or atopic eczema.

Dr. Erikson does not treat skin cancer and if he suspects such a diagnosis he will likely refer the patient away to a western specialist.

Herb pressure cookerFees are as follows (prices do not include 5% GST):

Initial consultation – $90.00

Follow-up –  $50.00

Herbal tea – $8 to $10 per day

Topical medicine – $15 to $25 per container



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