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Rosacea, or Jiu Zha (drinkers nose) as it is called in Chinese, is an inflammatory disorder of the blood vessels in the face, which is not always due to drinking! Rosacea is actually now being viewed as an auto-immune disease, which certainly helps explain the complexity of this chronic problem. There is a genetic tendency of this disease, with a much higher incidence seen in the those of celtic background, but in reality anyone can be affected.

Rosacea usually starts off as flushing and blushing in one’s youth, with the cheeks becoming more permanently red as they reach their thirties and forties. Over time this redness takes on a deeper purplish-red colour, and little distended veins called telangectasia, or spider veins, become visible on the cheeks and nose. Acne type lesions, papules and pustules, may also complicate the matter, although this is not a true acne as no commedones (white and black heads) are usually present. Rhinophyma is also common, especially in men, whereby the skin cells of the nose become enlarged, taking on the typical HG Wells look.

Chinese medical texts have documented the treatment of rosacea for at least 2000 years, and have obviously gained much experience its successful resolution. Much emphasis is put on using herbal medicines to improve the local blood circulation in the face, while also cooling the over radiant heat that is present.

Below is some red flushing on a woman’s cheeks which is typical of rosacea.

Below is the spider veins, or telangectasia, seen in advanced rosacea.

Below is a woman’s cheek with acne rosacea, with the following picture being taken after treatment with herbal medicines.

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