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Fungal disease – Tinea

Fungal disorders (Tinea) affect the outer layers of the skin’s surface, and are caused by the over growth of a fungus that may already present. A weak or imbalanced immune system will allow this overgrowth to take place. Fungus can also breed more easily in moist humid environments, like the groin and the feet, and are more common in people who sweat a lot.

Treatment usually involves external herbal medicines only. If the fungal problem is very chronic and unresponsive to this treatment, or if there is a stubborn sweating disorder that is contributing to it, then internal herbal medicines can be added – again entirely based on the person’s unique presentation, constitution, and health status. Chinese medicine is always prescribed for the individual.

Chronic fungal infection of the feet – Tinea pedis (Athletes foot)- before treatment

Chronic fungal infection of the feet – Tinea pedis (athletes foot) – after treatment

Acute flare up of tinea pedis, with the evolution of small blisters (vesicles)

Tinea pedis – after treatment

To read more articles on fungal disease tinea, check out my blog.

If you have been suffering with a chronic fungal condition that you would like Dr. Erikson to treat, please call the clinic at 778.886.1180


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