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Eczema/ Dermatitis

Chinese herbal medicine has been used for many hundreds of years to successfully treat eczema. Modern studies have now shown it to be both effective and, most importantly, safe.  Chinese herbal medicines are only ever prescribed for the individual, not just the disease. This means that a formulation of herbs for one persons itch, will be completely different from another person’s itch. This is because, not only does everyone’s eczema look and act differently than everyone else, we all have a totally different body – some are weak, some are strong, some have a good digestion, some have a poor digestion, some are overweight, some are too thin, etc. The point is that the needs of the individual have to be taken into account in order for a successful outcome.

Below are examples of eczema treated with Chinese herbal medicines by Dr. Erikson.

Atopic/ allergic eczema of the arms – before treatment

Atopic/ allergic eczema of the arm – after treatment

Pompholox style eczema – before treatment

Pompholox style eczema – after treatment

Pediatric (baby) eczema – before treatment

Pediatric (baby) eczema – after treatment

Nummular (infected) eczema – before treatment

Nummular (infected) eczema – after treatment

Hand eczema before treatment

Hand eczema after treatment

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If you would like Dr. Erikson to personally treat your eczema, or other skin and/ or allergic condition, then please phone 778.886.1180


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