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Alopecia Areata – hair loss

Hair loss, especially when sudden and in big patches as it is in the condition alopecia areata, is obviously a very disturbing event. While some individuals may find their hair grows back eventually on its own, without any treatment, many continue to suffer with this for years and years.

In Chinese medicine we look for the underlining root as to why this condition is occurring in the first place, usually finding it due to one of deficiency of blood, or one of excessive factors like heat in the blood with wind (Chinese medical terms sharing similarities to inflammation). Either way, the hair follicle loses its ability to function properly and thus the hair falls out.

Underlining factors contributing to this problem include emotional stress and dietary irregularities like malnutrition. Using techniques to help reduce stress and improve ones eating habits, while also using a combination of internal and external herbal medicines, the hair loss can usually be stopped. New hair is then encouraged to grow, as alopecia areata is considered a non-scaring type of hair loss, meaning no permanent damage to the hair follicle is done.

Alopecia areata – before treatment with Chinese herbal medicine

Alopecia areata – after treatment

If you would like Dr. Erikson to personally treat your hair loss, or other skin and/ or allergic condition, then please phone 778.886.1180


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