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Acne is the result of clogged sebaceous glands (comedones – AKA. white and black heads) in the face becoming inflamed and thus turning into the pimple, pustule or zit that we are all familiar with. Acne is usually the result of internal imbalances, like hormonal, that lead to the over production of oils in the glands. Acne is not as a result of a dirty face! In fact over scrubbing (or picking) of acne lesions can make it worse, by irritating the glands and spreading bacteria.

Chinese medicine uses a combination of both internal herbal medicines combined with externally applied herbal pastes and washes – usually with a good result. As always the treatment is based on the individual, as everyones acne will be different, as will their overall health and constitution. Treatment must match the person in order to be effective.

Acne – before treatment

Acne – after treatment

Hormonal cystic acne before treatment

Hormonal cystic acne during treatment

For more articles on acne please check my blog.

If you would like Dr. Erikson to treat your acne using Chinese herbal medicine please call the clinic at 778.886.1180


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