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Psoriasis – is there an end to it?

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Psoriasis is a virulent, stubborn, disease for which western medicine claims no cure. The majority of people with it end up on a life long management program consisting of steroid creams and moisturizers. Psoriasis is a systemic disorder, coming from the inside of the body, so internal medicine makes absolute sense, that is as long as it is safe. All internal biochemical treatments for psoriasis, that I am aware of, can have deadly side effects and are usually not worth the risk. Chinese herbal medicine, on the other hand, is a totally different story.

Psoriasis has been seen as a disease entity in Asia for at least the past 2 thousand years. Not only has it been recognized as such, it has been treated quite often with good success. Psoriasis has always been viewed as a disease needing internal medicines to fully resolve, something that the Chinese have certainly gained a lot of experience with. With China having the largest population on the planet, next to India, and with herbal medicines being the only treatment choice up to just a hundred years ago, and with an average of 1 to 2 % of the worlds population having psoriasis, means that a lot of people with psoriasis have been treated with herbal medicines over the past couple thousand years. Think about it, we are talking about literally millions of people being treated here!

Surely the Chinese learned a thing or two about psoriasis, considering the treatment methodology probably didn’t change all that much during that long course of history, most likely because it worked. Us humans have a tendency to keep doing something, over a long period of time, only if it proves effective. Non-effective methods usually fall to the wayside to make way for better methods. So for a treatment to continue for over 2 thousand years, we can certainly hope that it is effective.

In the modern era, my mentor Mazin Al Khafaji has also shown the treatment of psoriasis to be very effective. Mazin takes very detailed clinical notes, an important job when seeing literally hundreds of patients throughout each month of the past 30 years, and through which he has found that about 65% of people will clear completely with Chinese herbal medicine. Upon a three year follow up, 60% of those will still be clear. That is pretty amazing really, certainly beating the western approach.

As I have mentioned in the past, successful treatment for any health complaint has to be based on the individual – not the disease. So in Chinese medicine theory, one person’s psoriasis is going to be very different than another’s, so the treatment has to reflect that. One stop methods of using a steroid for absolutely every patient is like playing russian roulette. There is no indivuality in that, no fines, no art… no real success.

Properly prescribed herbal medicines for psoriasis are effective, safe, and offer long term resolution. For exactly how long still needs to be determined, but I am sure that for many this may very well be for life.

Dr. Trevor Erikson


Author: Dr Erikson

I am a Doctor of Chinese Medicine, practicing in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, Canada. I specialize in the natural care of various skin and allergic disorders.

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